Tools to Make Red Detox Tea, Rooibos Tools to Make Red Detox Tea, Rooibos
Tools to Make Red Detox Tea, Rooibos

It has been proven that drinking Red Tea known as Rooibos has great health benefits including weight loss. Roobios is full of healthy antioxidants and tests have proven that drinking red tea can improve orchestral levels and lower your risk of cancer. According to an article on,

“Test-tube studies note that the antioxidants quercetin and luteolin, which are present in rooibos tea, can kill cancer cells and prevent tumor growth.”

So how do you start a red tea regiment that will have long lasting health benefits?

  1. Having the right tools makes all the difference when trying to stay on the detox program.

We recommend that you purchase the Red Tea Detox Book. We have a special savings coupon code for you here which will help you save money on the program. Follow the link to save $. For an additional $9 you can purchase the audio book. A great way to start the program is to listen to the audio book in the morning or at night while sipping your first or last cup of tea.

When you purchase the book, it doesn’t come with ingredients to make the tea. Embedded in the PDF Downloadable book are links

where you can purchase the packaged version of the tea. Please be aware that if you purchase the packaged tea, you will be setup for auto-renewal and you will automatically be sent more tea every 30 days. You can cancel at any time by sending them an email with your customer number and a request to cancel.

The packaged version of the tea has a few other detoxing ingredients but we recommend that you make your own. The 5 main ingredients can be found in most health food stores and whole food markets or you can purchase them on Amazon at the following links.







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