Best Kitchen Gadgets Under $20 Best Kitchen Gadgets Under $20
Best Kitchen Gadgets Under $20

Whether you are a new cook in the kitchen, a seasoned cook or a Master Chef in the making, the right tool can revolutionize the way you cook and make cooking more fun. Using gadgets is also a great way to introduce cooking to young chefs.

#1 Kitchen Gizmo Snap ‘N Strain Strainer

Throw away that old over-sized colander.  This clip on silicone strainer fits all pots, pans and bowls and comes in a cool lime green color that will make it easy to find in your gadget drawer.

We like this gadget because it saves space in your kitchen and is a safer way to teach young cooks how to drain hot liquid from a pot. A lot of pasta recopies require you to reserve some of the cooking water. This strainer makes it easy for you to pour the reserved liquid in a container before straining the rest of the liquid.

  • UNIVERSAL FIT DESIGN– Fits nearly any sized pot, pan, saucepan and bowl
  • USES VERY LITTLE SPACE– Uses much less storage space than traditional strainers, colanders and sieves
  • FINE MESH– allows easy straining and pouring of water and juices from spaghetti pasta, ground beef grease, tuna fish, tomatoes and other foods.



#2 Veggie Chopper, Spiralizer & Storage Set

This 7 piece set is a must have gadget in your kitchen. It allows you to chop onions as easy as pushing down the lid. 

The Fullstar Vegetable Chopper is a versatile all-in-one kitchen tool that is perfect for preparing salads, salsa, onions, garlic and more. It delivers fast, consistent results and sports an impressive 4-cup (1.2L) capacity. Its space-saving design eliminates the need for bulky equipment in small kitchens while its catch tray minimizes messes. The clear body lets you monitor progress as you cut up carrots, cucumbers, squash, zucchini and spices like ginger. Because it requires no electricity, the Fullstar Vegetable Chopper can be used anywhere.

Designed for ease of use and durability

The Vegetable Chopper is made of long-lasting, impact resistant ABS plastic so it withstands the rigors of your busy kitchen. The 4 interchangeable blades are made of heavy-duty, rust resistant stainless steel. They tackle the toughest potatoes and the crunchiest carrots without bending, and they maintain their razor-sharpness use after use. The storage lid has integrated pusher teeth so your hands are never at risk of injury. With 1 swift lid-closing motion, your vegetables and fruits are sliced, diced and chopped to perfection. When you are finished, add the Fullstar Vegetable Chopper to the top rack of your dishwasher for easy clean-up.

  • 4 INTERCHANGEABLE BLADES let you julienne, chop and slice vegetables with ease. Built-in chop lid lets you cut foods directly into the 1.2L collection tray without the mess of a knife and cutting board.
  • RUST RESISTANT heavy-duty 420 stainless steel retains razor sharpness for crisp, smooth cutting and grating. Blades snap in and out with ease. Cut potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and more.
  • SOFT GRIP HANDLE with rubberized TPU enhances leverage while the non-skid base ensures stability during use. Slice, dice, chop and cut fruits and vegetables safely and easily, in half the time.
  • STORAGE CONTAINER lets you hold prepared vegetables in the Fullstar Vegetable Cutter until you are ready to begin cooking. This 7-piece set is destined to become the favorite among all your home kitchen tools.FDA approved, BPA Free.This compact chopper measures just 10.63”L x 4.72”H x 4.48”W. It can be fully disassembled for easy cleaning on the top shelf of your dishwasher.

#3 Veggie Power Chopper

This gadget could easily be #1 on our list because of it’s ease of use, and fun factor. Imagine taking your kids and the fixings for guacamole to the park. (see recipe below) Let each kid take a pull and voila! They made guacamole! You can serve directly from the container and of course… don’t forget a bag of chips or pick up a mini crudites platter from the grocery store. It’s a great way to introduce healthy eating to picky eaters. They will like it more because they made it!

These also make great gifts. It comes in your choice of three colors – Green, Red and Black. The container capacity is 3 cups but to adequately chop you should use approximately 1-2 cups of ingredients.

Click the PLAY ARROW to watch the video.  Designed for ease of use and durability

Breeze through food preparation tasks with the beautifully designed Chef’n VeggiChop Hand-Powered Food Chopper (Arugula). Chop large pieces of fruit, vegetables, boneless meats, herbs, nuts, and even ice by hand with this handy chopper.

  • No Cutting Board Needed – Prep your food in the bowl, remove the cover and add directly to your cooking pot or dish.
  • No Electricity Needed – this hand-powered chopper is great for small kitchens, RVs, travel, and camping.
  • Easy to Use – Simply place ingredients in the container, twist and lock the lid, and pull the cord to spin the chopping blades.
  • Storage Lid Provided – Perfect for whipping up batches of pesto, hummus, salsa, guacamole, and more, this chopper also comes with a sealing storage lid to keep ingredients in the container.
  • Dishwasher Safe Wash the blades, bowl, and storage lid on the top rack of the dishwasher. 

#4 Veggie Keg Tapper

This is our favorite gadget to make your next party or holiday event a huge hit!

Tap seasonal drinks straight from the source with this easy-to-use kit that turns summer melons and pumpkins into all-natural kegs. Simply slice the bottom off the fruit to create a level base, then hollow it out and fill with fruit juice, liquor, or a cocktail of your own creation. When inserted into the fruit, the shank and faucet–combo dispenses its tasty contents in a steady stream. Fill your melon with a refreshing fruity blend at summer picnics and barbecues, or serve a spiced pumpkin pick-me-up at an autumn harvest.

  • SIMPLE & EASY INSTALLATION: Kit comes with ONE FAUCET, ONE SHANK, ONE 2-in-1 CARVING TOOL, USER MANUAL. 1/ Hollow out the fruits. 2/ Insert FruityFaucet. 3/ Screw it tightly onto the fruits. 4/ Fill with Beverage of Your Choice. Works Great on almost Any Watermelon, Pumpkin Sizes.
  • NO LEAKING OR DRIPPING, LONG SHANK, CONVENIENT 2-in-1 CARVING TOOL which can be used as a corer to core apples or make a shank-sized hole on the fruit and used as a spoon to hollow out the fruits.
  • NICE PACKAGE FOR GIFT, EASY TO CLEAN, DURABLE SPIGOT that can last many parties. Perfect for barbecues, birthday parties, Kids’ Lemonade Stand, Birthday, Bridal Party, and any gatherings.


#5 Avocado 3-in-1 Slicer

If you are an avocado lover… then this gadget is for you. This 3-in-1 tool does it all and is child-safe!

Split, pit, slice and scoop avocados safely and effectively with the OXO Good Grips 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer. This tool features a comfortable non-slip grip and a blade that easily cuts avocados to their core without being sharp to the touch. The stainless steel center removes the pit with one quick twist. Use the fan blade to cut the ripe, delicious fruit into seven perfect pieces.  

  • Features include:
  • Stainless steel pitter removes pit with one quick twist
  • Slicer lifts fruit from skin in seven perfect pieces
  • Soft, comfortable non-slip grip
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe

This makes a great gift or stocking stuffer.

Watch the video and see how this tool is totally worth the investment.


#6 Herb Scissors

This tool does a lot more than just cut herbs. You can cut mushrooms, slice onions, cut dried fruit directly into dishes.

Utilizing 5 blades, this is a Time-Saving Tool. You will never have to retrieve herbs from the cutting board.





    * Snip herbs directly onto pizza, salad, casseroles and soups
    * Cut herbs without crushing, tearing or bruising* Retain fresh flavors and healthy benefits of fresh herbs* Save time with no hassle meal prep time and easy clean-up* Five 3 inch stainless steel sharp blades cut perfectly sized pieces* Use with Basil, Dill, Parsley, Rosemary, Chives, Mint, Cilantro; works with Onions, Mushrooms—even deli meat or dried fruit* Professional chef results with no mess or hassle!
    Besiva stands behind all its products with a 100% UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME GUARANTEE!

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